Healthy Movement

Moving PersonHealthy Movement© is a practice that benefits the entire body and mind. I have created this practice after many years of studying therapeutic movement processes, including Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Yoga Therapy, and Somatic Movement Therapy. The practice requires no special equipment and is accessible to all. Everyone moves, whether it is from a chair, a bed, or a full mobile body. Healthy Movement© uses breathing patterns, movement re-patterning, muscle pressure points, small precise movements, and larger flowing movements to improve body function.

Breathing practices are incorporated into movement to bring more oxygen into the body. Increased oxygen improves muscle tone, lung capacity, and blood/fluid flow to joints and organs.

Movement re-patterning involves using muscles and joints in new healthier ways that allow the body to move with less effort and greater integrity. This process improves joint function and helps the mind and body work together to eliminate unhealthy movement patterns and create movements that benefit body organs and systems.

Muscle pressure points (also known as trigger points) are areas on muscles where excessive contraction can build up, causing unnecessary tension that the body is not able to release without assistance. Gentle physical pressure is applied to these points, with feedback from the client, to release the tension, often producing immediate relief from discomfort or pain in the area of the point or even another area associated with it.

Precise movements help improve proprioception (How we know where and how our bodies are moving). Improving this sense can help reduce pain and improve joint and organ function for greater overall ease. This is especially important following injury or trauma as our bodies adapt movement to allow healing, but once physically improved can continue to react as if still injured, sending pain signals and limiting motion when in fact restriction is no longer necessary and healing has taken place.

Flowing movements that use larger joints and muscle groups can teach our bodies to coordinate different body regions with greater ease, reducing the effort required for everyday activities like sitting, standing, walking and reaching. Less energy put into these actions, leaves more energy for other fun things like yoga, dancing, swimming, golf, bicycling, walking or other enjoyable activities.

Healthy Movement© is an educational practice that provides clients with movements grounded in the latest science and also thousands of years of successful healing practices from many traditions. As a lifelong student of natural healing and science, I bring years of personal experience, study and practice to my work. I love to help people access their inner healing power. As someone who has overcome my own health challenges with this practice, I know healing is well within reach. I believe that compassion, patience and genuine care are the keys to opening the door to healing and create a safe and comforting environment for the work to happen naturally. Once the door to healing is open, Healthy Movement© provides the energy needed to step over the threshold into greater Health and Wellbeing.



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