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Whole Body Healthy Movement Series – Spring 2016

With Tracey L Curtis, therapeutic yoga teacher, mind-body fitness coach and Chiropractic Student.

6-Part Class Series 

  • Stimulate the bodies natural healing system.
  • Restore healthy muscle movement for greater strength and stamina.
  • Realign the body to reduce stress, tension and pain.
  • Learn how to move with greater ease and awareness in daily activities.

Registration for the workshop series or individual workshop sessions is available through Fairfield Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic. Additional information is available at the bottom of the page. Early registration is encouraged.

Time: Every other Saturday, from 10:00 – 11:30 AM (See specific dates below.)

Location: Fairfield Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic, 112 W. Broadway, Fairfield, Iowa, 52556

Cost: $25 per session, $125 for the series. $25 discount is applied to series registration. Paid in advance.

mediation on water

Session #1 Healthy Neck

Saturday, March 5

Learn to reduce strain in the neck and head. Reduce headaches, eyestrain, congestion, and tension. 

This class focuses on ways to move the head and neck that support healthy muscle and joint function, reduce compression on the blood vessels and nerves and addresses the solution for tension and pain.

Session #2 Healthy ShouldersShoulders

Saturday, March 19

Shoulder tension is a common cause of headaches, arm and wrist pain, as well as constricted breathing. This session addresses how to realign the shoulder joint and use all of the shoulder muscles to fully support the upper body, improve immune function in the glands located here, breath more deeply and release undue stress and tension.

Session #3 Healthy BackHealthy Back

Saturday, April 2

The spine is the main support structure for the whole body. The head, arms, pelvis and legs are attached to it. Information from the brain to the body and the body to the brain travel along this pathway, along with fluids and nutrients supplying all of the bodies organs and systems. 

Learn how to move with greater awareness, alignment and ease using the muscles of the torso, mid and lower back to support the body in its healthiest and most natural posture. In this session we will use supports to teach the body healthy movement and alignment to release tension and pain. 

Session #4 Healthy PelvisMoving Person

Saturday, April 16

Learn how to align the hips, lower spine and legs to support the lower body, and strengthen the connection between the upper and lower body. Healthy pelvic alignment improves digestion, supports reproductive health, eases low back pain and creates a healthy foundation for the whole spine.

Session # 5 Healthy Knees

Saturday, May 7sitting well

Learn how to stabilize the knees and align the legs with the pelvis for ease when walking, standing, and sitting. The knee joint is one of the weakest in the body, and one of the largest. Knees that move without creaking, popping and pain are possible with healthy muscles, ligaments and strong alignment with leg and pelvic bones. This session will address knee health and connection of the knee to the rest of the lower body for overall stability and ease of movement.

Session #6 Healthy Corehealing dance

Saturday, May 21

Our core muscles include more than six-pack abs. Learn how to use the entire core to support not only the abdomen, but also the lower back, hips, and all of the internal organs located in the torso. A strong core is not tight and taught, it is aligned to support healthy posture and relaxed to support the healthy function of the organs. 

This session addresses correct postural alignment and core strengthening that creates a stable spine, and allows more comfortable sitting, sleeping, walking, and even weight bearing.


Registration is available in advance at Fairfield Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic, 112 W. Broadway, Fairfield, Iowa 52556, 641-472-4924.


Contact with workshop and Healthy Movement questions or to schedule a private session to address specific needs. Tracey is available for private sessions every 1st and 3rd Saturday afternoon a the Clinic.



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