It was the Greek physician Hippocrates who said man cannot achieve health by eating well alone, but must also “take exercise.” His idea of exercise and our may differ slightly, but he was talking about moving the body with health in mind. Movement (a.k.a. Exercise) is the most natural thing in the human experience. Unfortunately it has become separated from our consciousness and has become yet one more thing we must “do” if we want to avoid or end illness. For many people it is something on the To Do list that takes time away from what we really want to do, which is often collapse in a heap in front of the TV, preferably with the food we also want delivered to our couches.

We all want to be healthy and feel good about ourselves, but we already have more than enough on our plates. We know we should be exercising more, but it can be so hard to fit it in. This holds true regardless of age, race, gender, religion or socioeconomic status. If you have a body, you get it. So, how do you go from thinking of exercise as a chore to feeling that it is part of your life like eating, sleeping and other regular activities? Can conscious movement become a positive and seamlessly integrated part of life? I think it can. Healthy Movement© is designed to Show you how.

As a confirmed non-exerciser, who also loves to move, I can assure you that movement does not have to be a separate unpleasant part of life to provide significant benefits to health and wellness. In fact, since we have already confirmed that you have a body, you are already moving regularly without even trying. This is rue regardless of your interest and ability level. Even breathing is moving. All that is left to do is make that movement more conscious and good for the design of your body, so you benefit more and even enjoy your activities more. Sure, you’ll need to learn some new concepts and ways to move, but since you would be moving anyway it’s really not such a stretch to get there afterall.

Curious to learn more? Well, I love to share, so keep watching for my next post on how to create a stronger, more flexible back doing something you already do every day even better (This means less pain too.) Hint: if you work in a cubicle, or at a desk you may be doing this movement right now.

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About Tracey Lee Curtis

As a lifelong student of yoga, movement and natural healing, I continually learn and grow as an individual. I began teaching yoga twelve years ago, when I experienced it as a powerful healing tool and knew I wanted to share what I was learning. In 2015, I started graduate school and began studying to become a Chiropractor. My teaching style has evolved to include a range of therapeutic practices, and is based on breath, flow, and awareness in movement. I use therapeutic movement and mind-body wellness techniques to help students connect with their own healing rhythm and energy. My work is based in the science of the body and of movement, the psychology of how the body and mind work together to form the whole, and the art of Chiropractic. I work with small groups and individuals as a therapeutic movement specialist and as a Chiropractic Assistant. My work is constantly growing and improving as I learn from my studies and my students, as well as my own regular practice.
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