Bakasana ~ Crane Pose

My students and I played with Crow pose in class this week. This post is a great explanation of what happens in the pose both physically and mentally. Learning to trust in our ability to fly is both fun and scary and this pose is a great way to learn.


My Human Experience

One of the first arm balancing poses typically taught in a yoga asana class is bakasana, the crane, also known as crow pose. Arm balancing is scary for many people. The first time you take both feet from the floor and put your weight into your hands, trusting yourself to not face-plant, can be quite exhilarating and empowering as well. We often put our faith in others abilities to hold us up, whether emotionally, spiritually or physically. We are willing to make ourselves vulnerable to another. Putting faith in ourselves can be quite a different ball game. Taking an arm-balancing pose, when viewed in this way, is just another life lesson found on the yoga mat. Do you trust in your ability? Are you willing to take the chance of falling, but come back the next day and believe in yourself all over again? Do you trust yourself to know…

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About Tracey Lee Curtis

As a lifelong student of yoga, movement and natural healing, I continually learn and grow as an individual. I began teaching yoga twelve years ago, when I experienced it as a powerful healing tool and knew I wanted to share what I was learning. In 2015, I started graduate school and began studying to become a Chiropractor. My teaching style has evolved to include a range of therapeutic practices, and is based on breath, flow, and awareness in movement. I use therapeutic movement and mind-body wellness techniques to help students connect with their own healing rhythm and energy. My work is based in the science of the body and of movement, the psychology of how the body and mind work together to form the whole, and the art of Chiropractic. I work with small groups and individuals as a therapeutic movement specialist and as a Chiropractic Assistant. My work is constantly growing and improving as I learn from my studies and my students, as well as my own regular practice.
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